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(My new project is photoshopping kittens into my favorite movies! Message me if you have any awesome movie suggestions.)

if cats were that big wed all be fucked fer sure.

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Nozaki and Mikorin try their best to be delinquents.

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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Vincent Phantomhive

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Back in my twenties, I was just really getting into werewolves and was introduced to the game Werewolf: The Apocalypse by my friends.  I was instantly hooked by this roleplaying game.  The game had a lot of books with rules and such, and a lot of the art in them was crap, except for artwork by Ron Spencer.  His depiction of werewolves blew me away and are what really got me started on drawing my own.  I loved how massive and shaggy his werewolves were, and they had this wild ferociousness to them.  They were the first “beautiful werewolves” I had ever seen.  Ron’s art still continues to inspire me greatly. I still adore his style, and the way he draws his werewolves.  I love their huge arms and massive hand-paws, and how pointy they are!  All shaggy fur and teeth and claws.  They really look like how a werewolf should look like, like they are creatures that can really mess up your world in a big and nasty way.  Hats off once again to you, Ron.  You are still my hero ^.^

You can find more of his artwork on his blog at

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